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About Us

Feet First Clinic’s mission is to increase awareness of foot problems and provide the highest level of comprehensive foot care in Toronto, in the most convenient ways possible so that every person can put his or her best foot forward. We specialize in the prevention, treatment, and management of acute and chronic disorders that affect foot and lower limb function and your ability to live a full and active life

We do this by positioning the clinic as a one stop shop for all foot care needs. Feet First – Foot care…great for your feet…good for the sole! We believe in providing quality, caring services that support a healthy, active lifestyle. Our five chiropodists specialize in prevention and management of acute and chronic foot disorders that affect foot and lower limb function.

Our feet are the body’s support system and yet most people do not take care of them. Up to one in three people have foot problems, which when left untreated can lead to serious conditions including arthritis, infection, chronic pain, joint damage, and even amputation. If you suffer from corns, calluses, warts, nail and skin disorders, diabetes, or foot, ankle, knee or back pain…a visit to Feet First Clinic for an assessment is your first step.

The majority of foot problems are the result of ill-fitting footwear, so getting people in proper shoes is a pillar of our practice. We prevent and treat foot problems with a combination of state-of-the-art bio mechanical analysis, custom fit top of the line orthopaedic sneakers and shoes, custom orthotics and compression hosiery and socks to improve vascular circulation.

With over 250 ligaments, muscles and tendons…over 120 bones and joints, more than 250,000 glands and nerves…that support 1,000 pounds of force per day…Feet First Clinic wants to make a difference in their customer’s overall health by allowing them to put their bet foot forward.

The Feet First Clinic Team

Carolina Charles

Patient Relation Coordinator

If you’ve been to the clinic before, chances are you’ve had the pleasure of meeting Carolina! Carolina’s daily goal is going above and beyond to make sure patients are always completely satisfied. Having worked in the podiatry industry for 22 years, Carolina brings a wealth of knowledge pertaining to client service, insurance policies, and procedures.​ She steers the ship to make sure that everything runs smoothly on the daily. Carolina is known for spicing up every outfit with her signature costume jewellery.

Bianca Charles


Day in and out, Bianca works hard to ensure Feet First Clinic runs smoothly. Customer service is at the top of her list and she treats every customer like family. Bianca has a passion for fitness and is dedicated to helping people take care of their feet and body. There is no problem that she can’t solve and she believes that where there is a will, there’s a way.

Thanh Ho

Chiropodist (D.Ch)

Thanh is a chiropodist from Toronto, ON, earning her undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in Biological and Biomedical Sciences and further completing an advanced graduate diploma in Chiropody at the Michener Institue of Applied Health Sciences. She has worked in both hospital and private clinical settings, providing foot care for persons of all ages, with diabetes, dermatological, and biomechanical pathologies. Thanh has a caring and detailed approach when treating those challenged with discomfort and disability. Thanh is registered and in good standing with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario.

Cyrus Florendo

Chiropodist (D.Ch)

Cyrus graduated from York University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology in 2007. Soon after he attended The Michener Institute and successfully completed the Chiropody program with distinction in 2011. He is currently a fully licensed Chiropodist and registered with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario. Cyrus is very dedicated and eager to use his knowledge and skills to provide the best possible foot care to all his patients.

Barbara Brehovsky

Chiropodist (D.Ch)

Barbara graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Masters of Science in Biomedical Communications from the University of Toronto. She pursued further education at the Michener Institute earning a diploma of Chiropody with distinction. Barbara decided to follow a career in Chiropody as a result of her desire to help patients with foot pain and discomfort and to make a difference by providing them with individualistic management and treatment plans. Her nurturing nature and confident approach puts patients at ease. Barbara is registered and in good standing with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario.

Shannon Youn

Chiropodist (D.Ch)

Shannon Youn, H.B.Sc., DCh is a Registered Chiropodist eager to help and care for people in the best way she knows how. She graduated and obtained her Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto, double majoring in Human Biology and Animal Physiology. She then continued her education at the Michener Institute of Education at UHN enrolled in the Chiropody program where she graduated with distinction in her class. Shannon has experience in both public and private sectors of the profession working in Multi-disciplinary Medical Practices, Foot Clinics, and Community Health Centres in the Greater Toronto Area. She is passionate about her work and is committed to providing the highest quality of foot care services to her patients.


Chiropodist (D.Ch)

Priscilla is a compassionate and dedicated Registered Chiropodist from Toronto, ON. She graduated from the University of Toronto and obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science degree with distinction. Priscilla double majored in Neuroscience and Human Biology and minored in Psychology. She continued with her passion for science and pursued further education at the Michener Institute of Education at UHN earning an advanced diploma of Chiropody. Priscilla has experience working in both public and private sectors of the profession. Her commitment to helping and connecting with patients allows her to provide high-quality foot care services. Priscilla is in good standing with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario.


Administrative Assistant

Sophie forms part of our talented Administrative Staff. In addition to assisting with visual merchandising, design and in-store accessorizing of our displays, Sophie is an integral part of our client support team, providing seamless assistance to our patients throughout their Feet First Clinic experience. Sophie is also one of the many working hands behind our Instagram page.


Administrative Assistant

Introducing Micah, one of Feet First Clinic’s Admin Assistants! Micah has been with us since March 2019, and has assisted us with clinic tools and shoe inventory, ensuring we are fully stocked and ready for the day. With her background in Human Resource Management, Micah has been providing useful insights on production optimization. As the clinic plans on upgrading its system software, Micah is aiding in the redesign. Aiming to go above and beyond, she is always ready to help with customer inquiries with a positive attitude!!


Marketing Director

Joe has consistently provided valuable business and creative marketing insights to help us develop that next step. A creative at heart, with the strategic strengths to help us navigate this industry. In addition to marketing, Joe has been great with the production, software teaching, editing and design ability to help execute our social content. Since working with Joe, we’ve really learned the power of what marketing can do! Not only marketing, but he also makes fantastic cookies!