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Custom Made Shoes


Feet First Clinic strives to meet all our patients’ unique foot needs.  And those with extra special feet may require an extra special shoe!  In these cases, the Feet First Clinic can make you an entire custom shoe!

Most foot issues are caused or contributed to by ill-fitting footwear: An ill-fitting shoe will make any existing problems worse and create new ones, so if you can’t find any footwear options that work for you, a custom-made shoe may be your best option.

Custom footwear is made from raw materials.  They will accommodate foot deformities, help correct any biomechanical issues and provide proper support and weight distribution to the structures of your feet.  They work and provide the same benefits as custom orthotics, but rather than just an insole, the whole shoe will be made custom for you.  They are literally constructed specifically to the shape and form of your foot from measurements taken from a mold of your feet.  

You can get custom-made shoes at our foot clinic by booking an appointment with one of our chiropodists.

Benefits & Conditions Treated

A custom-made shoe is a good option for people with irregularly shaped feet or structural issues that other products don’t fully address. It shouldn’t matter what shape your foot is: you deserve a shoe that properly fits and gives you the support you need.

A custom-made shoe may be beneficial for treating the following foot abnormalities, deformities, or dysfunctions:

  • Charcot Foot
  • Clubfoot
  • Drop foot
  • Any structural changes caused by arthritic conditions, trauma, injury, post-surgery 
  • Feet with dermatological abnormalities and hypersensitivities
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoes / Clawed toes
  • High arches
  • Flatfoot
The Process

Custom made shoes require a full foot assessment, with a biomechanical assessment and gait analysis – by one of our chiropodists.  The chiropodist will then get a 3D cast of the foot and ankle. All materials used to construct the shoe, including the sole, lining, and upper, will be made in accordance with your needs based on the assessment findings.  

You can contact our office at 416-769-3338 to book your assessment, or use our online booking form.

Insurance Coverage

Part or all of the cost of custom-made shoes are covered under many supplemental insurance plans, according to the guidelines of the Pedorthic Association of Canada. However, each insurance company has its own stipulations about what and how much they will cover. 

Some insurance companies may require a prescription from a medical doctor with a formal diagnosis.  The prescription may need to specify that a custom-made shoe is required.

If you are unsure about your benefits and footwear coverage, check with your employer’s HR department or your insurance provider. Insurance quotes for custom footwear are recommended to ensure the cost will be approved, and to give you an idea as to what may or may not be covered.  Feet First Clinic can also help you get a policy breakdown on your behalf.

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