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Ingrown Toenails


The skilled foot specialists at our clinic can effectively and safely treat ingrown toenails at any stage.  We provide the following treatment options for ingrown toenails:

  • Proper toenail care and trimming: Cutting toenails too short or at the wrong angle can cause ingrown toenails.  A chiropodist can properly trim and cut your toenails in a way that promotes proper nail growth.  This can be done to treat an existing ingrown toenail, or preventatively (see medical pedicure).  
  • Softening the skin, lifting the edge of the nail from the skin, and then propping the corner of the nail up over the skin edge until the skin heals.
  • Oral and topical antibiotics to prevent or heal infection.
  • Safely lancing and draining pockets of pus (the toe can be numbed first with a local anesthetic).
  • Partial nail avulsion (PNA): The toe is first numbed with a local anesthetic.  A narrow vertical strip is then removed from the edge of the affected side of the nail, down the entire length of the nail.  Antibiotics and a dressing are applied to the exposed nail bed to prevent infection. This is a surgical procedure and is performed if other treatment options do not work.  Click here for more information about our surgical procedures.
  • Total nail avulsion (TNA):  This is similar to a partial nail avulsion, except the whole nail is removed.  This is a surgical procedure and is performed if other more conservative approaches are insufficient. Click here for more information about our surgical procedures.
  • Phenol:  This is a chemical that is applied to the root of the nail beneath the cuticle to prevent nail regrowth. It may be used during a PNA or TNa to prevent regrowth of the nail.

Click here for more information about ingrown toenails.

Conditions Treated

Our chiropodists treat both infected and non-infected ingrown toenails at any stage.  Our ingrown toenail services can also treat the effects of the following conditions (which may cause ingrown toenails, or result in complications from ingrown toenails):

The Process

To book an appointment to treat your ingrown toenail, you can use our online booking form or contact us at 416-769-FEET (3338).  

At your appointment, the chiropodist will assess your ingrown toenail and determine the best course of treatment (see “Overview” above).  The chiropodist will also provide foot care advice for prevention, and to manage your ingrown toenail between treatments.  After your treatment, additional appointments will be made for follow-up, if required.

While waiting for an appointment with a chiropodist to treat an infected ingrown toenail, the following may help to manage the infection and reduce pain:

  • Foot soaks in (Epsom) salt water bath
  • Gently clean the area of pus and blood
  • Apply sparing amounts of Polysporin ointment and cover with a bandage when going out
  • Wear shoes with a wide toe box to reduce pressures
  • Avoid injury and participation in sport activity which may exacerbate the problem (i.e.: running, soccer)
  • Do not cut the toenail yourself as it may make the problem worse or make it more difficult for the chiropodist to treat conservatively
Insurance & Coverage

Ingrown toenail treatment and procedures by a chiropodist are covered – in full or in part – by most private extended health benefits plans.  Each insurance company has their own stipulations about what and how much they will cover. If you are unsure about your benefits and coverage, check with your employer’s HR department or your insurance provider. Feet First Clinic can also help you get a policy breakdown on your behalf.

Ingrown toenail treatments and procedures are not covered by OHIP.

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